Who we help – Roles

Owner Manager and Directors

  • Get instant access to key information via our Fleet-in-your-pocket KPI’s.
  • Receive auto reports on spend, compliance and asset availability on your preferred scheduled basis.
  • Work processes on requisition / purchase orders with authorisation chain to control and manage spend.
  • Get an instant live view of staff activity (who’s busy with what and for how long).

Asset Managers

  • Instant visibility of asset status (pre-live/live/sold) and instant automatic visibility of fit/unfit status for live assets.
  • All key information for replacement strategy at your fingertips.
  • Have a complete history of each asset including scheduled events, defects, parts, corrective action and costs.
  • Complete compliance record at your fingertips.
  • Automate all user defined inspections.

Workshop Managers

  • See staff availability at a glance (who’s doing what, right now, and for how long have they been doing it for)
  • Manage standard times for jobs and receive alerts when these are breached.
  • Legible, structured work records.

Workshop Engineers

  • Rapid data entry that is faster than pen and paper (click, don’t write).
  • Access complete history on the item you’re working on now (Working on a battery? See all battery or electrical work for this asset’s lifetime).
  • Request your parts from stores by clicking for it, not walking to the stores counter and queueing for it. (Have immediate visibility of what’s in stock).
  • Requisition unstocked parts immediately from your app.
  • Your timesheet and job-card are combined, no double data entry.

Stores and Inventory Staff

  • Clear and complete PO and goods receipt process that is optimised for the transport industry.
  • Auto-replenish your stock that is based on your rules (min levels, authorised requisitions, parts required for forthcoming scheduled events – for your approval to process).
  • Goods receipt handles all complexities (split delayed delivery / partial delivery with no further availability from supplier / over delivery – within allowed constraints).
  • Auto email authorised PO’s to suppliers.
  • Auto email outstanding orders list to suppliers.
  • Rolling stock takes with smartphone-based input (no more printing out a stock check sheet, manually writing down, recapture back into the system. Everything is immediate and live).
  • Use barcodes or your smartphone to issue parts.


  • Simple and intuitive First Use Check using Freeway Mobile App (or complete integration with your existing driver check technology. Many businesses will already have a preferred in-cab solution tied to their existing TMS, Ticket Machine technology etc.
  • The instant flow of defect to workshop increases driver-engineer communication.

Admin and Accounts

  • Automated cost centre and nominal code values for all costs based on asset and part type/ labour type.
  • Straightforward invoice match process allowing management of price variance / options to update latest price / option to amend cost centre and nominal code.
  • Credit Note management with automatic posting of resulting variances to assets.
  • Register invoices where variances are to be queried with suppliers.
  • Integrated Document Management solution. With button click access to delivery notes, matched invoices and credit notes.
  • Optional Optical Character Recognition-based auto invoice matching. Have Freeway do it for you.
  • Full integration to your financial accounts package.

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