S&S Distribution takes control of fleet maintenance costs with Freeway software

Jan 1, 2011

Advanced fleet management software is enabling transport firm S&S Distribution to take more control of vehicle servicing costs. The Freeway Fleet Systems software is the backbone of the company’s efficient fleet maintenance programme, enabling the workshops to plan and schedule routine servicing, inspections and MOT’s. The software provides full visibility of the firm’s existing parts inventory and helps to control the cost of restocking.

Based in Kent, S&S Distribution uses the software to manage the maintenance of its mixed fleet of 50 trucks that it uses for its Palletline pallet network operation, which serves more than 300 customers. The company is a shareholder member of Palletline. It is one of the busiest Palletline depots in the UK and delivers consignments to Palletline hubs each day for next day delivery.

“Freeway is a very easy to use. It drives our maintenance programmes for our Palletline dedicated fleet and importantly it allows us to analyse the running cost for each vehicle and manage the cost of servicing and repairs by giving a clear picture of parts prices. We can see precisely how much we paid for parts and which companies supplied them. We can identify the most cost competitive suppliers and this enables us to not only control purchasing, it also means we can manage our suppliers better,” says John Childs, IT Manager, S&S Distribution.

The software builds accurate maintenance and running cost histories for each vehicle, which also helps guide decisions when buying new trucks.

The software assigns unique job numbers to each job and creates a detailed job card. It allows an instant view to work in progress and we can see which fitter is working on each vehicle. When the fitters have completed the work, the system is updated with what has been done, including parts used. Each completed job builds an accurate history of all work performed for each of truck, allowing managers to see exactly how much the vehicles are costing the company. This real world information can be compared to manufacturers running cost claims and helps the management team to get a clearer view of the value of each vehicle by type and make.

“With Freeway we can analyse vehicle maintenance data easily. Without it, we wouldn’t have access to the level of detail it provides. To do the job manually would be virtually impossible due to the time it would take. The software allows us to take a modern approach to fleet management, allowing us to run a highly efficient fleet and provide our customers with excellent service. The ability to look at each vehicle individually is also useful when we are looking to buy new vehicles. We can easily see which makes and types are providing best service and value for our fleet investments,” says John Childs.

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