Freeway enables full visibility of parts consumption and inventory (including wet stock and tyres) across multiple store locations and including owned or supplier-managed (impress/consignment) stock. The Freeway system streamlines stock control with intuitive componentry structures and auto-replenishment, eliminating paperwork and ensuring best practice stock management. By allowing close monitoring of stock, store operations are efficient and stock levels are maintained at optimum levels. Stock taking can be carried out via smartphone or tablet for reduced administration.

The management of third-party maintenance suppliers is a key component of the Freeway system, since many users outsource to multiple external service providers for contract maintenance, damage repairs, maintenance of specialist/ancillary equipment or cleaning. Integration of third-party maintenance schedules, planned work, changes to work estimates and work completion can all be handled by Freeway, as well as authority levels and purchasing hierarchy and order number supply, offering a complete solution for supplier communication and performance management.

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