How Freeway helps Stores and Inventory Staff

Freeway includes a wide range of features to support your stores and inventory staff in their roles – enabling them to support your fleet more effectively. Hear from some of our customers who are using Freeway on a daily basis to assist their stores and inventory staff:

“The system also captures vehicle servicing and operating defects, and the procurement function enables auto replenishment of parts. If required, the system can first check if parts are in stock at the “home” depot and other depots before automatically generating purchase orders for parts and labour. If parts need to be purchased, the system, once initiated, can automatically process purchase orders to suppliers.”

Eddie Street
Engineering Systems Support Manager

“Through the automation afforded by Freeway’s integration capabilities, we can see what each vehicle has cost us in repairs and maintenance. Because all the parts data is directly linked to the vehicle, we can see which parts are commonly replaced on each vehicle, and the life of each part.”

Wayne White
Business Development

“Fitters using the tablet based inspections will be able to carry out tasks that are already scheduled by Freeway and will be able to ‘request parts’ directly from the Freeway managed stores.  Dynamic analysis will be extended to include labour and defect data and managers will receive additional labour cost reports to augment the automated Freeway stores cost reports that they currently receive.”

Denesh Ashok
Head of IT

“Our plans include the elimination of cumbersome paperwork with tablets to replace paper jobs cards and inspection reports.  And in view of Freeway’s excellent capability for managing parts and procurement, we see tremendous potential for the system to manage a wider range of company assets.”

Richard Smith
Systems Manager, UK and Ireland

“The visibility over asset costs and stock control, as well as simplified external and internal invoicing procedures, were additional benefits that we could see being extremely beneficial from the outset.”

Sammy Hamill
Fleet Manager

“Previously we really didn’t know how well our fleet was performing; let alone individual parts.  With Freeway we are now getting all the information we need to manage the fleet more effectively by making better decisions based on gathered intelligence. Freeway basically gives us control over the business of fleet management that we simply didn’t have before.”

Paul Taylor
National Transport Manager

“Freeway gives us enterprise-wide visibility with management reports that allow us to make well informed decisions. Initial evidence suggests we’ll be able to reduce parts costs by between 5 and 10 percent, saving at least half a million pounds a year. With instant access to maintenance histories we can assess the performance of different vehicles and parts and pinpoint where we need to review things.”

Jack Dunn
Finance Director

“Freeway provided us with some very intuitive data import templates, which facilitated the integration of assets, customers, suppliers and workshop parts. As a result, integrating the workshop operations of both companies was a straightforward process from a technical perspective and workshop technicians embraced the change as the solution clearly improved working practices.”

Damian Cass
Technology Service Delivery Manager

Supporting Stores and Inventory Staff

Clear and complete PO and goods receipt process that is optimised for the transport industry.
Auto email authorised PO’s and outstanding orders list to suppliers.
Auto-replenish stock based on your rules (min levels, authorised requisitions, parts required for forthcoming events – for your approval).
Rolling stock takes with smartphone-based input (no more printing out a stock check sheet, manually writing down, recapture back into the system. Everything is immediate and live).
Goods receipt handles complexities (e.g. split delayed delivery/partial delivery with no availability from supplier/over delivery).
Use barcodes or your smartphone to issue parts.

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