Tablet or smart-phone Electronic Job-Card

  • An engineer friendly format for immediate clear work recording.
  • Allocated work shown in the format of an in-box list.
  • Work list can be allocated by manager, self-selected, or be the result of a request for assistance by a colleague.
  • Click to start a task (auto-records timing).
  • Click to start break (auto-records timing).
  • Tasks show defect detail.
  • Work recording via context specific drop downs with optional free-text.
  • Where task originates from driver or engineer inspections the related images are shown.
  • Instant access to ‘doctors report’ history for the asset being worked on (filtered to prioritise for area being worked on).
  • Tasks show ‘estimated time’ as a target for completion and ‘actual time’ so far.
  • Option to record additional images at any stage of rectification.
  • Optional sign-on-glass to mark as ‘done’.
  • A single task may have multiple staff allocated.

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