DVSA Earned Recognition

Achieve Earned Recognition compliance with Freeway

As a validated supplier for the DVSA Earned Recognition scheme, Freeway ensures you are compliant from the outset. By taking advantage of our automated Driver Checks, Safety Inspections, Exception Based Reporting and more, Freeway users can automatically prove to the DVSA that their organisation meets required vehicle standards.

DVSA electronic maintenance deadline

From 1st April 2022, all DVSA scheme members must submit ‘fully electronic’ maintenance KPI returns – with details entered directly onto an electronic device such as a tablet, laptop, smartphone or similar, at the time of the inspection.

    How does Freeway help you comply with Earned Recognition?

    Our software features a number of different solutions to ensure you can achieve Earned Recognition compliance in the easiest way possible

    Driver Checks

    Ease ER compliance with smartphone-based automated nil-defect reporting and reduced paper-based administration.

    Phased Approach

    Quickly and easily capture retrospective paper-based processes to enable progress with Earned Recognition.

    Safety Inspections

    Tablet-based Engineer Inspections can be finalised with sign-on glass to auto-generate the Safety Inspection documentation.

    Exception Based Reporting

    Access visual and immediate exception-based reports on-demand, via any mobile or desktop device from any location.

    An Open Solution

    Securely import data from various external digital sources – such as ticket-machine based first-use checks.

    KPI Dashboard

    View in real time the performance of all work and compliance status from anywhere 24/7 through a simple app.

    Customers achieving Earned Recognition compliance using Freeway include

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    What is Earned Recognition?

    Earned Recognition is currently a voluntary scheme created by the DVSA as a way for vehicle operators to prove that their organisation meets driver and vehicle standards. By signing up to the scheme, you regularly share performance information with the DVSA, and in return your vehicles are less likely to be stopped for inspections.

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