Stay in control of your fleet

Freeway provides a structured platform to manage all asset information from one centralised location. Manage ALL assets including commercial vehicles, passenger carrying vehicles, and plant and construction vehicles; ALL costs including parts, labour, fuel, depreciation and finance; and analyse ALL fleet costs across multiple dimensions, such as make, range and model, age, brand and location – there are more than 100 customisable analysis dimensions.

Whatever the Fleet Mix

Freeway provides a structured platform for asset management, whether assets are controlled centrally or in a regionalised manner.  If an asset requires routine maintenance, requires spares, attracts defects, consumes resources and requires management, then Freeway can provide the tools to control it: Not only can Freeway manage core fleet assets (trucks, vans, buses, coaches, trailers, forklifts, shunters) and ancillary equipment (fridges, tail lifts, tyres, PTOs, forklifts), but increasingly the system is used for buildings, machinery and general facilities, such as cold storage equipment, roller shutter doors, garage tools and lifting equipment, quarry and recycling plant equipment, IT hardware and company cars too.

Joined Up Approach

At its core, Freeway is all about improving the management of assets by organising and optimising resources and so supports the development of a unified team regardless of the organisation’s size and geographical spread. The system provides process-driven accountability by streamlining information flow between departments that have any involvement in asset management, including finance, workshop, parts, planning, compliance, human resources and IT. For a typical Freeway user, planners are notified of critical defects and service items due or overdue; fitters are automatically notified of defects and job cards automatically generated for rectification work; and all purchase orders, maintenance sales invoices and stock level adjustments are pushed into the company’s accounts package.

Integration Ability

Opting for Freeway as the lead system to control and manage other asset-related IT infrastructure means systems no longer operate in isolation but can ‘talk’ to one another effectively. We have experience of integrating vehicle walkaround check data; fuel and tyre management information; vehicle tracking; transport planning software; bus ticketing systems; as well as most popular accounts packages. Freeway is also highly flexible in its ability to import and export data.

Flexible & User-Friendly

Manage all aspects of asset management in real-time from a single, easy-to-use and intuitive interface, which operates seamlessly across desktop and mobile. The Freeway software can be fully customised to facilitate each customers’ unique business processes, internal terminologies, organisational structure, fleet size and make-up, complexity of equipment and breadth of supply chain. System set up allows for user-defined data input procedures, including pre-populated drop-downs, true/false questionnaires and addition of photographs to support, making data entry and system navigation straightforward for users of all levels of IT literacy.

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