Reading Buses maintains a top class fleet with Freeway software

Oct 15, 2015

Reading Buses is using Freeway’s fleet management system to capture and analyse maintenance and repair data for all its vehicles, which operate on various routes in Reading and Newbury. The software is helping the company to maintain a highly efficient mixed fleet and consistently achieve high maintenance standards.

The bus company eliminates vehicle problems through the Freeway-coordinated inspection programme and service intervals, and by rectifying all defects as soon as they are discovered. The software manages scheduled and ongoing vehicle maintenance, and produces workshop job cards linked to the individual inspection and maintenance histories for each vehicle. Labour costs on sub-contracted vehicles are also captured.

Freeway provides stock control, order management and fleet asset management. It also calculates fuel efficiency; integrating with Reading Buses’ fuel management software so that a complete picture of the total running costs per mile for each vehicle make and model is available for the entire fleet. Analysis of all this data can alert managers to any under-performance, and can also provide a cost-based comparison between actual and budgeted costs.

According to Mike Batt, Purchasing and Facilities Manager, Reading Buses, the company was one of the first UK bus operators to install the Freeway transport management system. “Although not bespoke to us, Freeway has developed right alongside us, adding new functionality to accommodate our evolving requirements.”

“Reading Buses has used Freeway for more than a decade,” said Patrick Tandy, Managing Director, Freeway Fleet Systems. “The bus company’s use of the software has developed from managing running repairs for older vehicles to keeping a modern fleet in first class condition. The flexibility of the software is achieved by Freeway’s responsiveness to customers’ changing requirements, adding new functionality as and when they need it.”

“As our requirements have evolved, so Freeway has evolved right along with us,” added Batt. “If you asked me what is it about Freeway that makes it unique, I’d say its flexibility and ability to adapt to our needs. There has been nothing we’ve asked for that Freeway couldn’t provide. That’s pretty special.”

Reading Buses has been transporting customers in and around Reading for more than 100 years. Having invested millions in more than 100 new fully-accessible, ultra-low emission buses for its routes, the company now operates a fleet of 178 buses in Reading, Newbury and the local area. The company has invested in the latest lower emission buses, and 37 percent of its fleet is either electric hybrid or powered by compressed natural gas.

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