Reading Buses goes mobile with Freeway tablet apps for fleet maintenance

Jul 27, 2017

Reading Buses has revolutionised its vehicle maintenance operations with a mobile system to replace job cards and inspection reports in the workshop. Using Samsung tablets live connected to a Freeway fleet maintenance system, mobile apps allow Reading’s technicians to replace paperwork with easy-to-use electronic forms. The system is not only saving time, but is also improving the accuracy and completeness of reporting, boosting efficiency and simplifying fleet management.

Reading Buses operates local bus service in Reading and Newbury. The company already relies on Freeway’s software to automate a full range of maintenance-related functions, including routine maintenance, inspections, defects, stock control and order management.

“It wasn’t until we started using Freeway’s mobile apps that we realised how much they would help,” said Phil Herlingshaw, Engineering Manager at Reading Buses. “Previously, we often struggled to read everyone’s handwriting, and when things were missing – such as a tyre tread depth – we’d have to track back and get the job completed. With the app, reports cannot be sent without all fields being completed first. And without transcription issues, we have not only 100 percent completion first time, but better quality data. It’s wonderful!”

Reading Buses plans to roll out Freeway apps to replace paperwork throughout the maintenance operation, with staff using tablets to record scheduled maintenance, inspections, defects and even cleaning. Because the mobile apps are seamlessly integrated with the central Freeway system, the tablets can provide access to all information relating to a vehicle. For any job card, the maintenance history can be instantly viewed.

“We can immediately see everything about the vehicle, such as work undertaken, parts fitted and defects reported. That gives us a really useful insight, for example, spotting recurring faults that are not being resolved as expected; pointing to underlying problems needing further investigation.”

Reading Buses has been transporting customers in and around Reading for more than a century. Having invested millions in more than 100 new fully-accessible, ultra-low emission buses for its routes, the company now operates a fleet of 184 buses. The company has invested in the latest lower emission buses, and 37 percent of its fleet is either electric hybrid or powered by compressed natural gas.

Reading Buses has been using the Freeway software since 2015.

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