Freeway Fleet Systems has announced the launch of fleet maintenance cost analysis software. Part of the Freeway fleet maintenance management system, the Freeway analytics software allows operators to accurately analyse the productivity and efficiency of the fleet, depot, staff and suppliers, with easy to understand graphical reports.

Freeway provides the tools to flexibly and immediately identify trends across time, vehicle manufacturer and location. The intuitive drag-and-drop cost analysis gives fleet managers the ability to interactively slice, dice and graph data by manipulating variables such as sub-type (clutch, tyres, etc.), make, range, model, asset type and reason (such as accident, avoidable damage, and scheduled).

The analytics reveal big-picture trends with the ability to instantly drill down to the details to understand the causes of higher-than-expected costs, with costs analysed over time, per kilometre, mile or hour. Productivity can be also analysed by trade, staff and task, with comparisons across dimensions such as region, depot and time-frame.

With Freeway’s fuel analysis interfaces, fuel consumption can be assessed by make, model, region or route type. Poor performance by vehicles within the group can identified, even down to per-fill anomalies for a particular vehicle.

Analysis is available in a variety of formats, including live smartphone based access to KPI reports, on-screen graphical analysis, on demand printed reports, scheduled e-mailed reports of pre-defined data sets or exceptions. Data may be exported with a single click to Excel, HTML or CSV, and more than 200 standard open source reports are available. The Freeway database is also ODBC compliant, allowing operators to access the data directly for use with others report writing tools.

“Freeway has proven to significantly reduce fleet maintenance costs, and our extensive analytics tools allow those improvements to be achieved quickly by pinpointing areas of excessive costs, whether it be high fuel consumption, inferior parts, unproductive use of labour or poor driving,” says Patrick Tandy, MD of Freeway Fleet Systems.

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