Freeway helps Prestons of Potto maintain first-rate fleet

Feb 26, 2016

London, 14 December 2015 – Road haulage and transport company Prestons of Potto relies on Freeway’s fleet management system to manage its vehicle maintenance programme and ensure its fleet remains in tip top condition to provide a high level of service for its customers.

The Freeway system captures and analyses maintenance data for all the Group’s vehicles based at its head office and three depots. The system keeps track of maintenance, repairs, parts used and running costs for all vehicles within the company, thus helping managers to maintain a highly efficient fleet.

Established in 1936 as an agricultural contracting business, Prestons of Potto’s fleet has grown from steam engines and one lorry to an extensive up-to-date fleet operating out of three depots in West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and Cambridgeshire. Prestons of Potto has established itself as one of the most widely recognised road hauliers. In 2011 the company was voted in the Top 5 all-time UK hauliers, and earlier this year won the prestigious Livery of the Year title run, by Commercial Motor and nominated by its readers.

“The primary reason for selecting the Freeway system was its ease of use,” said Andrew Walker, Accountant, Prestons of Potto. “We needed something that would be up and running within a short time frame and didn’t require a steep learning curve, and Freeway’s system met those criteria. It’s not, however, a ‘simple’ system in terms of the level of detailed information it provides, which helps us maintain a first class fleet.”

Freeway’s fleet maintenance programme enables Prestons of Potto’s workshops to plan and schedule routine servicing, inspections and MOTs. The software provides full visibility of the company’s existing parts inventory and helps to efficiently manage cost effective replenishment. Freeway is fully integrated, so information is entered only once. For example, a spare parts request generates a purchase order, and the inventory and accounts package are automatically updated.

“We don’t want something that is overly complicated to manage our workshop, and that’s where Freeway exactly meets our needs,” said Stephen Deighton, Commercial Manager, Prestons of Potto. “Freeway is a straightforward solution to our current requirements – and has been for the last ten years. Everything we do need is there, including great support, and we also know that the system has the capacity and flexibility to adapt to meet our future needs as they change.”

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