Freeway Fleet Systems has developed a software app to manage vehicle breakdowns. Breakdowns require quick action to fix or recover vehicles, a task that is fraught with challenges such as identifying the cause and assigning appropriately equipped and located resources. Freeway’s software provides instant access to all the required information with step-by-step guidance to rectify breakdowns quickly and cost-effectively.

Freeway has developed a Breakdown Rectification dashboard allowing managers to instantly see breakdown status with colour coding to highlight where progress is slower than expected.  When a breakdown occurs, engineers can immediately view the specific vehicle details including maintenance records and previous defect records.  Live location and vehicle diagnostics data is also available where systems are integrated.  The software also stores supplier details in order to identify the nearest suitable service provider, such as roadside assistance and recovery.

Breakdowns can occur at anytime and this is a problem when the most informed managers and staff are not available, such as overnight.  To help address this, Freeway has created a workflow to guide those dealing with the breakdown.  The step-by-step guide provides all the information needed (such as the nearest recovery company contact details) and ensures relevant people receive notifications by phone, email or text so that they can be mobilised or informed as required.

The integrated solution enables a controller to send RFQs (Requests For Quote) to nearby suppliers.  Suppliers can submit their quotes digitally, enabling controllers to select and action the optimal quote by turning it into a Purchase Order that is immediately e-mailed to the winning supplier.

“Breakdowns are a real headache and dealing with them is never straightforward. So, our customers asked us to devise something that would simplify and de-skill the whole process and resolve the situation as quickly and smoothly as possible,” said Patrick Tandy, Managing Director of Freeway.  “The breakdown app does this by automating as much possible so almost everything that is needed is just a click away.”

Another key feature of Freeway’s software is analytics. Data on the causes of breakdowns is collected over time and analysed together with an array of other data such as servicing history, vehicle type, parts fitted, recurring defects, onboard fault reports and warranty information. Freeway’s data analysis software helps build a picture of the causes of breakdowns so operators can identify root causes for breakdown and improve their preventative maintenance programmes.

“New development in artificial intelligence and links to live vehicle diagnostics combine to predict failures.  The best way to resolve the headache of breakdowns is to prevent them happening in the first place.” Tandy adds.

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