What we do...

  • Integrated Asset Management
  • Cost Control and Compliance
  • A Complete Solution

What we do...

  • Integrated Asset Management
  • Cost Control and Compliance
  • A Complete Solution

What we do...

  • Integrated Asset Management
  • Cost Control and Compliance
  • A Complete Solution

Integrated Asset Management:

If an asset requires routine maintenance, requires spares, attracts defects, consumes resources and requires management, then Freeway can provide the tools to control it.

Cost Control and Compliance:

Freeway provides comprehensive and flexible import, integration and smart data capture processes specifically designed for the Transport Industry.

A Complete Solution:

When compliance alone is not enough.

enterprise level maintenance and management:


Record ALL asset: Vehicles, Trailers, Plant, Buildings and ALL costs: Parts, Labour, Fuel, Depreciation, Finance. Analyse cost across multiple dimensions (Make, Type, Age, Brand, Location). Record links between assets. KM, Miles, or Hours. More than 100 customisable analysis dimensions.

Data Analysis

Instantly analyse and understand your costs with Freeway’s intuitive flexible analytic platform. Slice and Dice costs by user defined parameters such as ‘Make’, ‘Region’, ‘Brand’, ‘Time-frame’, ‘Component’ and ‘Reason’. The flexible format can be applied to understand areas such as ‘Fleet Cost’, ‘Labour Efficiency’, ‘Supplier Performance’, and ‘Repeat Defect’.


A complete scheduling solution. Configurable events, colours, intervals (distance or time, or combination of the two).

Set time intervals in ‘Days’ or ‘Working Days’ with multiple ‘locality’ calendars. Wall-chart with drag & drop. Daily, (ISO) Weekly & Monthly view.

Colour coded event list.


Smart phone based simple driver first-use check. Tablet-based comprehensive engineer inspections. Rapid generation of defect to job-cards. Nil defect recording. Repeat defect analysis


A unifying document on screen, paper or tablet. Clear tabular interface. Smart defaults to save time
Staff Clock-On to record staff time. Multiple status options and full audit trail

Seamlessly import, manage and error correct fuel card and/or fuel monitoring system data. Tabular and graphical MPG, L/100km, km/L. Feed distance per day analysis to routine maintenance and cost per distance analysis.
Workshop & supplier management
Allocate and manage defects and scheduled events to your own workshop resources or to external suppliers. Integrate with smart communications to Operations in relation to planned work, reminders of planned work, changes to work estimates and work completion.
Multiple stores by region (Engineering North, Engineering South) and / or function (Engineering North, Health & Safety Store North, Diesel North, Operations North). Own stock and Imprest stock management (with proven links to a range of imprest parts supplier systems). Cyclic smart-phone based stock takes. Handed parts. Comprehensive tyre tracking. Complete warranty management.

Manually generate Purchase Orders or enable Auto-replenishment using Min/Max and re-order qty. Auto-email Purchase Orders. Order authorisation routines via smart-phone. Good Receipt supports split delivery, partial delivery & returns. Invoice registration and Invoice Match. Advanced carriage management facilities. Comprehensive proven accounts system integrations

Document Management
Drag & drop or use bar-code scan to link supplier invoices, delivery notes, compliance documentation, registration documentation, accident records, standard procedures and safety documentation. Click to view, print or e-mail. PDF, BMP, JPG.

smartphone/tablet-based applications

Driver Inspection
Driver first-use check. Simple true-false interface. Optional notes per question, optional photographs per question. User-defined data capture at start of questionnaire (such as mileage, fuel level, add-blue level). Sign-on-glass at completion. Smart-phone optimised.
Engineer Inspection
Structured questions sets linked back to the DVSA manual. Record both Defects and advisory items. Option to immediately generate work to jobcards for further action. Tyre-details and brake details (per asset’s chassis set). Sign-on-glass (inspector and supervisor). Tablet optimised.
Electronic Job-card
Work may be allocated per staff member’s in-box. Selected by ‘Next’ or by choice from list (depending on authority granted to the staff member). Full details of schedule or defect can be viewed. Additional notes and photographs may be added by the user. Interface supports both smart-phone and tablet.
Electronic Time-sheet
Log-on / off at end of day. Option to record all productive work relating to asset specific costs (by selecting work from in-box or from outstanding work for an asset or by entry of new work). Record breaks as unproductive or productive (by selecting reason code such as ‘Tools’, ‘Workshop Cleaning’, ‘Training’). Interface supports both smart-phone and tablet.
Parts Request
Users may rapidly record part issues to their jobs using bar-code technology. In larger workshops users may additionally ‘request’ parts from stores using their mobile device. Interface supports both smart-phone and tablet.
Stock Check
Record stock in accordance with manually generated or automated cyclic stock take. smart-phone optimised.
Purchase Order Authorisation
Specify staff authority levels per store to create an authorisation hierarchy. Orders within authority levels are e-mailed to suppliers, those that exceed a user’s limit are automatically e-mailed to the next person in the hierarchy. Smart-phone optimised (click on link within e-mail to open support/cancel option).
KPI Dashboard
Overview of asset availability, schedule compliance, defect rectification, supplier performance, earned recognition compliance. Smart phone optimised.

HCT Group

“The software’s versatility sets it apart from other fleet management solutions”

Steve Perks, Group Head of Engineering, HCT Group

Tower Transit Singapore

“There are a number of things that make Freeway unique; chief among them is the after-sales support that we’ve received…”

Mark Herbert, Head of Engineering, Tower Transit Singapore

Reading Buses

“There has been nothing we’ve asked for that Freeway couldn’t provide. That’s pretty special”

Mike Batt, Purchasing and Facilities Manager, Reading Buses


“The tablet based inspections replace paper so that defects are immediately and transparently visible throughout the business”

Denesh Ashok, Head of IT, Abellio

Tower Transit

“The system is very responsive, and it’s easy to drill down and analyse the data”

Eddie Street, Engineering Systems Support Manager, Tower Transit


“Defect rectification can be instantly recorded via Freeway apps, so that Operations has complete and transparent visibility of engineering activity”

Denesh Ashok, Head of IT at Abellio

Reading Buses

“If you asked me what is it about Freeway that makes it unique, I’d say its flexibility and ability to adapt to our needs”

Mike Batt, Purchasing and Facilities Manager, Reading Buses

HCT Group

“It is refreshing to work with a software provider who listens to and understands our business needs and tailors development of their programme to meet those needs”

Steve Perks, Group Head of Engineering, HCT Group

National Fuel Controller

“I am counting my blessings and one of them is the use of Freeway. I have been with Unifreight for the past 20+ years and along the way have never used a system that has simplified my job as Freeway has done. Well done guys, really appreciate”.

Raphinos Murada – National Fuel Controller

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