Integrated Asset Management

If an asset requires routine maintenance, requires spares, attracts defects, consumes resources and requires management, then Freeway can provide the tools to control it.

Cost Control and Compliance

Full cost control, visibility and traceability of spend and activity of Fleet, Workshops and Parts. As a result, Compliance is a natural output of following a simplified and systemised approach.

Enterprise level maintenance and management

Our Customers

“There has been nothing we’ve asked for that Freeway couldn’t provide. That’s pretty special…

Mike Batt
Purchasing and Facilities Manager, Reading Buses

“Freeway is a brilliant all-in-one system that can handle all of our fleet maintenance, compliance and asset management requirements.

Jack Dunn
Senior Management Accountant, Rotala Passenger Transport

“We see Freeway as the enabler to transforming the business with digitisation.

Gareth Mole
Engineering Director, Cardiff Bus

“There are a number of things that make Freeway unique, chief among them is the excellent after-sales support that we’ve received…

Mark Herbert
Head of Engineering, Singapore, Tower Transit

“Freeway has been very supportive in bringing us into the 21st century. The technology and analytical power will change the way we manage our business.

Charlie Hamilton
Managing Director, Whippet Coaches

“Freeway’s interest and ability in getting the solution right for us has given us the confidence that it could handle the specific complexities of our industry and organisation.

Chris Stringer
Head of Engineering, Go Ahead Ireland

“Freeway has given our workshop a total solution. We now know exactly what our costs are per asset, thanks to accurate cost-per-kilometre calculations. Our preventative maintenance is up to date and our breakdowns have decreased by 40%.

Shaun van Rooyen
Director, VR Cargo

“I am counting my blessings and one of them is the use of Freeway. I have been with Unifreight for 20+ years and along the way have never used a system that has simplified my job as Freeway has done. Well done guys, really appreciate.

Raphinos Murada
National Fuel Controller, Unifreight

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